Getting Admitted to a German Public University(Hochschule Trier): Tips and Tricks from My Experience

Hey there, it’s Pankaj Patil! Today, I’m diving into how I secured admission to Hochschule Trier in the MSC interdisciplinary engineering course, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the ride.


Let’s start with the big picture – my profile. With a BTech in Aeronautical Engineering and a 7.2 CGPA, I set my sights on Germany early on. But my journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Despite a 6-band IELTS score and A1 and A2 level German language courses, my lower CGPA pushed me to bolster my resume.

I hustled hard – two internships, a year in educational technology, and freelancing for 6-8 months. Oh, and I stacked up 6 recommendation letters, 4 from my profs and 2 from work experiences – tailored meticulously for my course application.


Here’s what clicked for me and could up your chances too:


➤ Nail that CGPA: A high CGPA is a game-changer. Keep that in focus during your bachelor’s.

➤ German Language: Learning German isn’t just a plus; it’s a must. It gives you an edge and many universities require it.

➤ Diversify: Research papers, internships, and work experience in your field stand out. Online courses? They count! I completed over 18 and they made a difference.

Setting your sights on a German public university? It’s a journey, but a strategic approach to your profile and a dash of perseverance can steer you to your destination – just like it did for me at Hochschule Trier. Cheers to the adventure ahead!

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